Here's some of my work.

I'm available for longer term work and short term projects - so get in touch!


Email campaigns for Beautystack

Problem: Thousands of customers have signed up for emails we don't send

Insight: Mailers can deliver great results from the most valuable customers

Solution: I created copy and art briefs for Mailchimp emails to buyers and sellers on this beauty platform for a range of goals; to drive bookings, brand awareness and encourage in-app behaviours.


Results: All emails performed over 3 times the average market open rate, with one campaign, aimed at buyers, achieving a 34% conversion.

Smaller copywriting projects

I've written longer form articles, leaflets for an MP and corporate leaflets.

Help Centre for Beautystack

Problem: Too many emails and messages; not enough coherent responses

Insight: Customers need support 24/7 in today's world

Solution: I created all of the copy for the help centre and worked with the Head of Brand to identify key areas of frustration in the customer journey. I also created all of the copy for automated Intercom live chat campaigns to support new feature releases. 

Social media

Community management 

  • I worked with a team to become key in transferring a 450k Instagram account to a new brand, responding to DMs and comments to retain positive brand associations. 

  • I worked with a menswear brand to engage with DMs and share Instagram Stories relevant to their wider marketing strategies.

  • I account managed over 50 premium accounts on an e-commerce platform, supporting them with a high-touch strategy with general queries as well as developing bespoke events and marketing plans

Organic & Paid social

I worked with John Lewis & Partners to curate and write social posts for their Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I worked alongside the CEO of a menswear brand and a marketing lead at Facebook to hone strategy for paid social, including the use of paid Stories, Instant Experiences and better budget distribution.

Influencers & partnerships



I devised and launched a 4-figure brand partnership between Nike and Beautystack, working closely with the Marketing department of Nike Women in order to create a strategy and brief to present to the CEO of Beautystack and Nike marketing leads. The high-touch strategy comprised working with influencers, a giveaway, in-app blog content and organic social posts tied around creating hype around the launch of a new trainer.


I also supported with long term influencer strategy at Beautystack, recommending treatments to influencers with a relevant and engaged following

I'm available for more work, long and short term - so please get in touch!

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