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💄 Beautystack - Community Growth & Copy

As Head of Community, I helped build brand advocates for the app on both the supply and demand side via brand partnerships, events and creating innovative and hack-y marketing campaigns, as well as acting as account manager for over 50 Professionals on the platform.
I created a Help Centre from scratch, worked with influencers and supported an app relaunch campaign which led to a 150% increase in app activity.


To achieve a 150% increase in app activity, we created a push notification campaign and two email campaigns to Professionals and Clients, as well as using Instagram's Gallery and Stories features to create an engaging and user-centric narrative​



I created an engaging Help Centre which saw a drastic reduction inbound enquiries and in March 2020, I devised the COVID-19 communications and policies in order to protect Clients and Beauty Pros on the app. 

Beautystack Help Centre.png


As part of a drive to create more supply on the platform, I created a sales funnel to re-engage Professionals who had signed up to join but gone quiet, and linked it to Notion to filter the progress. It achieved over a >30% conversion rate

"He did an amazing job. I don't know what we'd have done without Ben Steele!"

grace tolley, head of product

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